Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events

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Winter Schedule: Theatres

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Note to Parents:
  • Live Show : 100 mins each show with 20 min interval.
  • The show will begin sharp at the mentioned time.
  • In-Person Meet & Greet : 30 mins before & after the show.
  • Click as many pictures of the show as you wish.
  • Show is ideal for kids from 3yrs to 103 yrs.
  • Please follow the rules of the auditorium as they DO NOT permit food and plastic water bottles inside the auditorium.

Synopsis of the International Clown Festival – India 2024
Join Flubber, the renowned award-winning clown and Producer of India's International Clown Festival, on another exhilarating adventure. Alongside a vibrant cast of international clown companions, Flubber promises to captivate you with their uproarious antics. Watch in awe as they engage in a series of side-splitting and astonishing performances, from playful antics to rib-tickling physical comedy. Brace yourself for a spectacle of breathtaking juggling and acrobatics that will leave you spellbound. This is the perfect occasion to bond with your family over shared laughter and to glimpse the world through the eyes of a clown. Embark on a journey through the clown's perspective on life, where children burst into laughter, teenagers marvel at the skills, and the younger generation aspires to emulate them. As for parents, get ready to uncover a fresh interpretation of the phrase 'Be a Clown.' This family-friendly comedy show, starring international clowns, guarantees an evening of pure delight and merriment.

Produced and Directed by: Martin Flubber D’Souza

A Mad Hatters and Lighthouse Entertainment Production

Jeffrey ‘Bungles’ Potts, Charles ‘Sleepy’ Lauder, Edmund ‘Captain Dazzle’ Kong, Janna ‘Jenny’ Wohlfarth, Gaia ‘Gaia Ma’ Matulli, Daigo ‘Toppo’ Mizutani, ‘Rone’, ‘Gigi’, Martin ‘Flubber’ D’Souza and the Punchinellos.

Clowns from Canada, USA, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan and India.

Flubber, a Mumbaikar, is an award-winning clown and producer of the International Clown Festival. Flubber loves to play and brings his unique flavour of excitement to the show.
RONE & Gigi (Japan), two dynamic big ears performers are setting a high standard of excellence wherever they appear. Award winners of Monte Carlo, Int'l Clown Festival, former World Clown Association competition judge and headliner for numerous festivals. They are just funny with their pantomime, physical comedy and music.
Sleepy the clown (Canada), has been entertaining on the prairies of Canada longer than he has been able to drive. Bringing award winning balloon. magic, juggling and clown silliness wherever he goes. Sleepy will try anything once, twice if you are kind to him.
Bungles the Clown (USA), is a " Family Edu-tainer", combining entertainment with education. He loves performing on stage and close-up, one on one. Bungles is the creator of the American Clown Academy and has been the Education Director for the World Clown Association.
Captain Dazzle (Singapore), is one of the Master Clowns of the World Clown Association, having won the Annual Best All-Around Clown competition twice in a row. He loves to inspire both children and adults to have fun through play and exercise.
Toppo (Japan), a comical clown in a blue costume. A mischievous prankster who moves around energetically. Toppo enjoys pantomime and large giant balloons.
Jenny (Germany), is an amazing unicyclist and hat juggler. She has won the world championship and numerous other unicycle championships in Europe. She loves travelling and performing all around the world.
Gaia Ma (Italy), is a funny Clown. She is an ace hat juggler and an amazing contemporary and tap dancer. Gaia has performed at numerous festivals across Europe.