About the Entertainers of ICF 2019

Oscar ‘Timmyto’ Flores

Timmyto comes from a family of circus clowns. He has been performing since the age of 5. He has graduated in circus arts from the Mexico. Timmyto has performed across the world and has toured India thrice before. He loves spicy food and Bollywood music. Timmyto being the youngest of the lot is mischievous and naughty.

Ron ‘Toto’ Johnson Jr.

Toto, truly is an international Clown. Toto has been performing for decades and started clowning at the age of 10. He has performed in 17 countries around the world. He toured with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus and is a graduate of their Clown College. In addition to performing Toto also teaches classes and holds workshops on clowning. Toto has toured India twice and loves Indian food. Toto is the innocent fun-loving clown of the group.

Jeffrey ‘Bungles’ Potts

Bungles has over 35 years of entertainment experience. A master at puppetry, prop building, pie throwing and performing, he created “Learn and Laugh Productions” to bring to the world his unique talents. He is the founder of the American Clown Academy and former Education Director of The World Clown Association. Bungles is big and bossy and thinks he is the boss clown.. but in reality it is Flubber who is the boss clown.

Jhoel ‘Jho’ Loco

Jho is a 3rd generation international clown and comes from an illustrious Peruvian circus family. He has been performing since age 3. He is versatile in different disciplines such as balances, high wire, unicycle, juggling, tamer, magician, chef. He has performed in various countries and has visited India thrice. He looks forward to a great festival in India.

Patricia ‘Patty’ Loco

Patty graduated from the professional circus school La Tarumba in Lima Peru. She has been a part of various circus and theatre festivals across the world. She loves horse riding and has a fun horse-riding act in the circus. Jho and Pat love kids and teach circus skills to school kids. This year she hopes to make you laugh as they come together along with the other clowns at the International Clown Festival India.

Martin ‘Flubber’ D’Souza

Flubber has been performing since the past 29 years. He is the producer of the International Clown Festival in India and ‘The Flubber and Friends’ show. He is a former Vice President of The World Clown Association and trains clowns all over the world. Flubber has a team of 100 clowns in Mumbai, called ‘Punchinellos’ Flubber loves kids and is the star of the show. He has also written and produced a few original songs which will be performed during the show.