About The Producer

Martin Flubber D’Souza is a first-generation entrepreneur who has been in the business of Events and Entertainment for the past 29 years. He has a BSC degree in Physics and an MBA in Marketing.

He is a pioneer in the creation of various creative concepts and events to provide clean wholesome entertainment to the entire family across various platforms. He runs Lighthouse Entertainment and Mad Hatters, the Family Entertainment Company. He is ably supported by his business and life partner, Roshni DSouza, a Chartered Accountant by profession.

Martin is also popularly known as Flubber the Clown, having performed in the USA, Canada, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland and Dubai. He is the only certified professional clown in India having won the International Clown of the year award in 2016. He is the former Vice President of the World Clown Association and the first-ever NON-American to hold this Post. He has been on the faculty of various American Clown Educational Programs

Martin Flubber D’Souza is the producer of the International Clown festival in India. A home-grown IP since 2010

He teaches clowning and entertainment to young college youth who in turn are employed with the company for various events. At present, he has over 100 youth trained in various skills of clowning, mime, juggling, unicycling compering and entertainment.

His Vision is to Globally promote professional performing arts and transform lives and livelihood thorough character-based professional family entertainers and entertainment.