The objective of the festival is to spread laughter through the art of clowning. The funds collected are utilized in developing the art form in India as well as in developing a structured Social Circus Program to teach circus skills to kids at risk.

This is an initiative by Flubber the Clown from Mumbai, who has been clowning since 1990. He along with his company, Mad Hatters and Lighthouse Ent. has taken the initiative to bring the International Clown Festival to India. This festival is supported by local sponsors, well-wishers, international partners and the international clown community.

World Clown Association, and the centre of cultural affairs of various countries.

The first two years the Clown Festival was held in the financial capital of India, Mumbai. A portion of the festival was held in Goa and Aurangabad. Ever since, the Festival has been held in multiple locations in the city. Theatre shows were held at St Andrews Auditorium, workshops were held at St. Xaviers College and St Andrews College, outreach programs were held at KEM Hospital and Tata Memorial Hospital, meet-n-greet was at various malls and multiplexes.
Since then the Clown festival has travelled across India and performed in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Goa, Aurangabad and Mumbai. Look out for the new schedules.

Participants are professional, multi-skilled, award winning clowns and clown groups. These are personally selected by the international clown festival committee. Our featured clowns have been from Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus, Cirque Du Soleil amongst others.

You can meet clowns from around the world in India. There are plenty of opportunities to meet the clowns. You could see the clowns in action at the theatre shows by buying a ticket or meet them at the malls (no Charge) or sign up at any of the workshops.

This is a festival for the entire family. Shows, activities and workshops are held for all age groups. A few shows are for adults only. You will enjoy the clown festival the most if you are with your family.

You must be a professional clown and must be performing for at least 2 years. You must have experience performing at festivals, public events and on tours. If you fit the above, send in your resumes, pictures and a short video of your performance. The festival committee will review it and take a decision on your participation. If you do not have the above experience and think you can fit into this festival, still send in your profile and videos.
Our committee may just see the spark in you.

As a sponsor you can cover costs of various aspects of the festival. These include artist fees, travel partner, hospitality partner, media partner, television partner and much more. Just give us a shout and we will share details with you. The International Clown Festival provides tremendous opportunities for brands to connect with their audience.