How do I partner with the Festival? As a Country

The cultural arts department of a country can nominate and sponsor clowns, troupes and circus artists to the festival. As this is an International Clown Festival, we would like to keep it truly international by including as many countries as possible. All you need to do is get in touch with the festival committee and we could send in all the details you need.

How do I partner with the Festival? As a Sponsor

As a sponsor you can cover costs of various aspects of the festival. These include artist fees, travel partner, hospitality partner, media partner, television partner and much more. Just give us a shout and we will share details with you. The International Clown Festival provides tremendous opportunities for brands to connect with their audience. A few options to take your brand to your target audience are:

Education : Unique intellectually stimulating hilarious shows that are sure to make your audience sit up and take notice. Our amazing interactive school shows are also packed with social and cultural messages.

Competitions : A fantastic opportunity for brands to develop and create numerous competitions around the clown festival.

Promotions : What better way to promote your product and brand than using international celebrity clowns. We are definitely more effective and economical than other celebrities.

CSR Opportunities : As part of our caring clown mission we are committed to giving back to society in abundance.

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